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Evaluations on Your Timber

Whenever you are looking to sell some of your trees, it's always best get a timber evaluation to help you decide what trees you have that are mature enough to come out. Our evaluations consist of a walk through of your woods so we can determine what the health of your woods is. We will then make a reccomendation to you as to what species and how many of each we feel should be harvested. The determination is based on how mature each tree is, the health of the tree and the current value of each tree. We also determine if certain trees should be harvested to help promote a heathier woods for future cuttings. Once completed our professional staff will make sure that you get the most accurate evaluation possible which will allow you to make a knowledgeable and educated decision as to what steps you wish to take next.

Why Choose Us

At Trine Timber & Forestry Management what you see is what you get! We are an honest, professional and establihed company with an impeccable reputation in the timber business. We can provide you with past customers names and phone numbers if you wish to verify our reputation. We always treat your property as if it's our own and assure you we will always do the best quality work at all times.  We are also a licensed and insured company which ensures your protection and ours.

Signing the Contract

Once you agree on the quote, we then sign a contract. We will normally give you 10% down at the signing date. We will then pay the balance in full prior to starting the job. Terms and condtions of each contract may vary from job to job and owner to owner.